Preggie Pilates

Preggie Pilates Program:

We love our Moms in the making!  Having a bun in the oven is such a miracle and a blessing, but it can come with a few hiccups for the rest of the body!
The changes occurring to a woman’s body during the childbearing year challenge the stability and mobility of a woman’s physical structure. These changes may create pain and dysfunctions in the joints and muscles throughout the body, including the back, pelvis, trunk and rib cage.

We focus on teaching control and stabilization in the trunk, minimizing the risk for back and hip pain that tends to occur as the center of gravity shifts.  Many clients over the years have expressed their gratitude for finding Pilates to assist them bounce back after birth.  Many attribute easy deliveries due to the core strength, breathing practice and concentration they learned in their Pilates sessions.  More awesome benefits include: improved energy and self-esteem, less maternal weight gain, and a reduction of risk for the development of gestational diabetes.

Pilates focuses on building strength at your core, specifically your deep abdominals and pelvic floor, and both sets of muscles will help you carry yourself and your baby better as well as aid in pushing during delivery. Additionally, Pilates improves your sense of where you are in space and your balance, which is essential as your center of gravity changes. Maintaining a healthy upright posture and building upper body strength is important throughout your pregnancy, but is especially beneficial after delivery when you will find yourself carrying the newborn, diaper bags, car seats, etc. Pilates does all this and more!

Area OB Doctors have seen the advantages of Pilates during Pregnancy, and they instill their trust in our studio by the referrals they send to us.

We initially work with Preggies for a few Private Pilates sessions, teaching them proper firing patterns so that as their bodies change, they are able to maintain functional posture.  Then modifications they can use in regular classes are taught so they can know how to join a regular pilates class while remaining safe.   As the pregnancy progresses into later stages, we meet for additional private sessions to work on breath patterns, hip mobility, and pelvic floor health.

Preggie Massage


If you have been pregnant, you know how strong the desire can become to simply lie on your stomach!  Now you can, and get this……get a massage at the same time!  Our Massage Therapists have a special pillow that is hollowed out so that you can lie on your tummy with the belly cradled in the pillow!  Improved anxiety and stress levels, reduced edema, digestive support, less leg cramping and headaches are just some of the benefits clients report!  And, let’s face it……it just feels good!