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Therapeutic Pilates Rehab

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Hip, Knee, and Shoulder Replacements, Pre/Post Natal, Breast Cancer Rehab, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, TMJ, Migraines, Disc Bulges & Herniations, Pelvic Floor Disorders, Cardiac Rehab, Diabetes, Post-Polio Syndrome, Osteoporosis, Rotator Cuff Issues, Multiple Sclerosis, Scoliosis, and plain ole chronic pain!

Are you currently under the care of a Physical Therapist?  We are unique in that we are qualified to work alongside your PT to help you find pain relief and the return to function. We believe in treating each person as a whole, and our goal is to discover the root cause of dysfunction and treat it for permanent relief, not just a quick fix. Our therapy techniques minimize abnormal muscle tension while at the same time improving muscle, joint, and fascial mobility.


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Movement therapy is an impact-free regime placing emphasis on the deep core abdominal muscles to achieve a stabilized torso and pelvis while keeping limbs active and joints mobile. Coordinating the entire body, Movement therapy exercises connect the upper and lower musculature with the body’s center.

Movement therapy is ideal for all rehabilitation situations, be it chronic pain, fibromyalgia, joint surgeries, breast cancer, pregnancy and post-partum. In spine and disc pathologies, it can help align, strengthen and decompress injured vertebrae.


Healing Through Movement

Clients in pain sufferers often experience a Catch-22—movement is essential to healing, but movement hurts; it is easy to get stuck in a pain fear-of-movement cycle. In Pilates Therapy with Inner Strength, you will learn gentle, safe movements that can break the cycle, and help prevent the guarding and tension that inhibits recovery.

Pilates was traditionally used by dancers for rehabilitation from injuries as far back as the 1920s. Subsequently, it was discovered by the orthopedic/physical therapy community and is now used in leading rehabilitation hospitals and physical therapy clinics throughout the country. Based on the latest research in injury rehabilitation, through therapeutic Pilates you will learn:

Be empowered by actively participating in
your own healing process!

The focus in our studio is how you function, and how you feel. We’d like you to be able to become best friends with your body!  How do you treat a best-friend?  You love them, you try to understand them, you enjoy them, you are considerate, you take extra care of them when they need you to, etc. Imagine if you could apply all of the above phrases to your body! How many of you can say “I love my body”? We often hear from clients is what’s wrong with their bodies. We often become so wrapped up in what’s wrong and what hurts that it becomes our identity!

Part of best-friendship is empathy – understanding. Through the functional and experiential anatomy training we provide at our studio, you will develop a greater understanding of your moving body. That is, we will help you develop a conceptual picture of your moving body, as well as help you feel your movements through greater awareness. You will learn to better interpret what your body needs. This understanding greatly enhances your self-care capability.

Our goal is for you to walk out of our studio feeling great, less restricted in function, less pain -or no pain, and that you carry that feeling with you into your everyday movements. We hope that you will learn to love your body and all the marvelous things it can do!