Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy

What is Lymphatic Enhancement Technology – LET

The brand name of Lymphstar Enhancement Technology, (LET)™ was created in 2006 by Arcturus Star Products and is a registered brand of the Company. The term represents a comprehensive technological innovation in wellness and rehabilitation therapy. The company began development of vibrational energy technology products in the early 1990s. They have pioneered this breakthrough technology from the complimentary and holistic professions to PT and rehabilitation and now use in hospital lymphedema clinics and other medical arenas.

It is important to understand that this term, Lymphstar Enhancement Technology- LET, represents their proprietary products, their training seminars, and related research and academic studies that support it. These are the proprietary achievements of Arcturus Star Company exclusively and the branding that represents it and are not to be adopted by other purveyors of ‘lymphatic drainage’ devices and/or hands-on therapies for skin and body. (massage techniques)

What LET is Not.


Arcturus Star Company’s Lymphatic Enhancement Technology LET technology is based upon a compilation of various technologies and techniques. See below for technical overview.

What LET is:


The LET Instruments from Arcturus Star Incorporate a Mild Electrostatic Energy Field (EEF) with Low Frequencies that are Dynamically – Pulsed with our Proprietary Method.

Lymphatic Enhancement Technology Instruments are state of the art technology for application on broad range of tissue congestion. Enhances and augments the functions of the lymphatic system as the detoxification channel for the body. Proven effective per 3 decades of users all over the world.

Historical References

Violet Ray and noble gas ionization as lymphatic devices were originally used by estheticians for their facial stimulation devices. They were based upon the archaic, violet ray machines of the early 1900s. These were helpful with surface circulation to improve the skin and as a ultraviolet treatment of acne, etc. They used a non-frequency-based system wherein a static electric field was build up on the skin through small ionized noble gas bulbs. These were sold from the 1890s to the 1950s, with doctor versions extant in the 1920s – 1930s. They claimed therapeutic effects that ran the gamut from growing scalp hair, improving skin, for wounds and injuries to sore throats and many more conditions. This experimental equipment was known for being very harsh and shocking.

The LET Systems of 2018 are far more sophisticated than this old technology.

A parallel track of medical devices evolved at this time. It was based upon radio waves and extremely low frequencies. A vital experimental frequency-based technology evolved along with the early years of pharmaceutical development. The war upon infectious diseases was in full swing. The incidence of malignant cancer was growing but nothing like our current epidemic. But it was the concern of Microbiologists Royal Rife of San Diego, along with the typhus, tuberculosis, and other infectious diseases. They had names like Rife Beam Ray, the Multiple Wave Oscillators, and more. These are chronicled in dozens of magazine and newspaper articles of the times. Some are the stuff of legend. Due to a lack of understanding of the physics of organisms in the biological sciences at that time, these were left behind in the rush to “modern,” pharmaceutical medicine.

Our instruments extract the best of these historical technologies combined with contemporary electronic circuits and advanced understanding of human cellular biology as an electronic and transactional phenomenon and not as only electrical and chemical.

The evolution of Lymphatic Enhancement Technology has taken place as a search for answers to suffering from many health conditions, to successful cancer survival and to a future full of promise for the advancement of subtle, vibrational energy technology for all possible applications.

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