Frequently Asked Questions

Pilates & Postural Therapy~FAQ’s


What makes ISP special?

Inner Strength Pilates has a multi-dimensional approach to Pilates that incorporates exercises from other fitness modalities, while focusing on constant change to challenge your body! There are no scripts here, and no memorized routines! We have the experience to teach outside of the box!

What’s the story on ISP?

Well, we REALLY love what we do! All of our instructors have various backgrounds that we bring to the table, including: Pilates, Yoga, Barre, Spinning, Personal Training, Aerobics, Classical Ballet, Modern Dance, TRX Suspension training, Postural Therapy, Special Needs & Injuries training, Post-Op and Post-Rehab training, Thai Massage & Accupressure…..and then some!
So the fact is, we mash it all together to give you a great workout each time you show up! Joseph Pilates was a genius well ahead of his time, and much under-appreciated while he was alive. We are certain that he would’ve kept evolving and inventing if he were still with us today!

Will Pilates help my back pain?

You bet!! Now, that being said, I’ve seen many clients over the years who were so well-intentioned and did a Pilates DVD in the comfort of their den that hurt their back! Just like anything else, form follows function. If your form is misguided, well, the right muscles are not the ones getting the job done! It’s crucial to work with a Pilates teacher that has experience in dealing with your issues. Private Pilates Therapy sessions are the starting point, learning what you need to do in a group class setting, then you will have the tools to know how to modify for your body.

Abs? I don’t think I have those!

Common misconception!!  You really have all the same parts as the next person!  It may just be hiding underneath some other tissue!  Plus, if you don’t use ’em, they get lazy!  So we’ve just got to get things stirred up again so they regain their function!  Once they are reminded of their job, you will notice a big difference in posture and movement!

Pilates for weight loss?

Everybody wants a quick fix!!! There’s a very simple, time tested equation to weight loss: calories in vs. calories out!
If you usually followed your Pilates session with a stop off at the coffee shop for a large white chocolate mocha, (which, by the way, has more than 600 calories, yikes!) then, um….no.
However, if the aforementioned drink (and similar caloric cliffs) were the occasional treat, and not the usual daily fare, then, yes!
Visit our tab under “what we do”: The Daily Bread~ for more nutritional info!

Pilates for cardio?

Yes and no. We always encourage our clients to perform additional cardio during their week in the form of walking/running/swimming/biking.
The focus of Pilates is more about control, strength and precision. That being said, once clients have those principles under their belt (literally!), we can move at a pace that will get into the fat-burning zone. Interval style work, (which science has proven a gazillion times) is best for weight loss. That’s the model we use for our Jump classes. Get the heart rate up…..recover……repeat!
We have clients who wear heart rate monitors during their sessions, and they usually find a range of 100-200 bpm. Depending on your target heart rate, we can work in private sessions to keep the ticker in the optimum range for you!

How often?

2-3 times per week is awesome! We don’t recommend less than one class per week, because each time you come, it feels like starting all over! It’s a great idea to take from our different teachers to always get a different approach! But even if you crave a fav Instructor, we still give different classes from one to the next, so you’ll always have variety.You need the consistency to build the foundation and grow from there. Caution: There is a significant risk that you will become addicted to these classes!

Weight machines vs. Pilates machines?

We say Pilates! (did you expect us to say anything else?) They offer what’s called progressive resistance. That means that the further you stretch the springs, the harder you’re working. With Pilates, you’ll take the springs safely through multiple planes of motion, which can’t be done on traditional gym equipment. If you compare the Pilates apparatus to weight machines, you’ll work harder on the apparatus since you have to stabilize your body, just like you would in everyday life. Weight machines stabilize and dictate the range of motion for you. Can you tell we love Pilates? Amy and Hope have both been Personal Trainers for more than 20 years each.

Pre-Pilates Meal?

Try not to eat a big meal before class. When we are looking for you to contract your core, indigestion, cramping, nausea can be the result! Healthy, balanced snacks about 90 minutes prior to class is great!

What do I wear/bring?

Just you and some h2O! Barefoot, and comfie clothes are the studio norm~ clothes that aren’t too loose are great so your teacher can get a better view of your form to help you out. If you like wearing loose shorts, you may want to re-evaluate, as some positions can be revealing, so a little modesty makes everyone feel better. Remember, we are a co-ed facility. Pilates is done either barefoot or in ToeSox with grips, so no shoes to hinder your foot mobility!

Payment Options?

You may pay by check, good old cash, MasterCard, Visa or Discover. We offer our Military and Students a 10% package discount with ID. Payments are made in advance, sessions can be purchased here online or when you come in for class.

How long are your classes?

All sessions are 55 minutes

So What are the Cancellation/Refund/Expiration Policies?

All sessions require 24 hours notice for cancellations.
We do not offer refunds. Your sessions will be placed on hold in the event of a pregnancy or medical issue.

Egoscue University Certified Postural Therapy: How does Postural Therapy Work?

The Egoscue University Certified Therapists have enormous success enormous success in helping people overcome their physical ailments. It is a technique that is attractive to many people because it is a common sense approach to the human body. The individual can see and feel the physical changes that take place as a result of their efforts. Associated with that is an increased feeling of confidence that accompanies the improved health that he or she is responsible for. A major concern of health care today is that of reduced costs and prevention. Therapy requires no special equipment or dependency on anyone other than you. Because we do not treat the symptom, but instead look to restore optimum function to the body, the implications toward prevention are obvious and very serious.

Egoscue University Certified Postural Therapy: So What do I have to do to feel better??????????

DO the exercises!!!!
The exercises alone are not the sole determining factor in improving structural/mechanical function. There are three primary components: 

1. The application of specific exercises to a given individual’s dysfunction. We have a catalog of over 400 different exercises. Only those exercises that apply to that individual will be of benefit.

2. The sequencing of the exercises within a given routine is critical. Each therapy session has a given objective. That objective can only be reached through a properly designed menu. The exercises must be sequenced such that one exercise prepares the body for the next and that a successive exercise does not negate a prior exercise.

3. The exercises are performed for an average of 7-14 days. At this point we re-evaluate the patient and redesign the routine accordingly. Often the exercises are of low demand and as the neuromuscular efficiency improves, the exercises become less effective. Therefore, the body must be put under an increased or varied demand to adjust to the changes that has occurred as a result of the prior routine. This provides the means to continued progress. Patients on the average are seen twice monthly for three months.

Egoscue University Certified Postural Therapy: What will my 1st session look like?

How it Works: Each session with your Egoscue University Certified Therapist
 will last about 1 ½ hrs.

The first appointment will begin with a discussion of your history and the goals you expect Postural Therapy to help you achieve. Subsequent appointments will begin with a status report and a review of the previous weeks menu. 

Starting with digital images and functional tests, your posture and functional capabilities are evaluated. From there a menu is designed based on your specific challenges. Your Egoscue Method ® therapist will take you through this series of exercises (e-cises) to ensure each exercise is performed properly and the desired outcome is achieved.

Your responsibility will be to do your e-cises daily until your next appointment. At the conclusion of each program, you will feel results like standing taller, more centered balance, and symptom relief.


Pilates & Massage Paks are valid for 4 months


It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it!