Amy Dixon

Amy-2014rAmy has been in the fitness industry in Winston-Salem since 1994, working as a Personal Trainer, Post-Rehab and Post-Operative Specialist, Group Fitness, Yoga and Pilates Teacher. Amy received her Associates Degree in Radiology in 1993, and worked in the medical field while obtaining education in the fitness field. She took a leap of faith in 1998 and moved full time into fitness. After years of working in various health clubs, teaching Yoga through Forsyth Tech, and training clients privately in their homes, Amy took another leap of faith! She opened Your Yoga Studio in 2002, then founded Your Pilates Place in 2005. In late 2011, she opened Inner Strength Pilates, accompanied by an experienced, dedicated team of instructors that have taught with her for many years.


Amy’s Certifications include:

  • *Certified Pilates Teacher
  • *Polestar Pilates Educator
  • *Certified Egoscue Method University Therapist
  • *Authorized Scolio-Pilates® Practitioner
  • *Certified Personal Trainer
  • *Certified Post-Rehab Specialist
  • *Certified Pilates for Injuries & Special Populations
  • *Certified NeuroKinetic Therapy Level 1
  • *Certified Core Barre Instructor
  • *Certified Yoga Teacher
  • *Certified Group Fitness Instructor
  • *Certified Cycle & Core Board Instructor

Amy attends annual educational trainings to stay on top of the latest modalities and research. Her passion for learning has led her to various methods that include:

  • *Pilates for Breast Cancer Rehab
  • *Pilates for Scoliosis
  • *Pilates for Lyme Disease
  • *Pilates for Pre-Post Natal
  • *NeuroMuscular Reprogramming Levels 1,2,& 3
  • *Pilates for Neurological Conditions
  • *Conditioning with Physical Disabilities
  • *Anatomy Trains
  • *Core Suspend
  • *The Franklin Method
  • *Nutrition & Wellness Consulting
  • *Active Isolated Stretching
  • *Thai Yoga Therapy
  • *TRX Training

Amy is proud of her broad educational background, knowing that no one method is for everyone, and oftentimes it takes a blend of therapies to make the impact a client needs, she is therefore able to bring so much variety to her studio.

Amy is a Certified member of the Pilates Method Alliance,
the only certifying agency of Pilates Teachers worldwide.

Amy is the only Pilates Method Alliance Certified Pilates teacher in Winston!

Amy was the featured student on the Egoscue University® Student Spotlight section in February 2011.