The Studio

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We believe that Pilates and Postural Therapy are Methods for a lifestyle!  When your body is functional, the whole world is your playground!

Each class concentrates on developing functional and balanced strength and flexibility, shaping your Inner Strength! Every class begins with the question “What do you want to work on today?” This ensures that each class is different from the last because our classes are driven by your request. Technique and form are critical to our staff. Because of our many years of experience, your experience will be rooted in sound biomechanic principles of movement therapies. You will find our classes unique and creative!

Our staff has multi-layered education in many Pilates disciplines, including: STOTT Pilates, Balanced Body University, Power Pilates, PoleStar Pilates, Romana’s Pilates, Peak Pilates, Pilates Academy International and Pilates Certification of NC. We opened our doors with a staff of 8 that together had more than 100 years of experience!  Now we have a staff of 13 with 170+ years of experience!

Our oasis is open, spacious, peaceful, and calming, and features a comfortable lounge with a coffee and tea bar. We are fully stocked with Balanced Body Equipment, including the latest innovations in Pilates Apparatus! Complete with 4 Allegro Reformer/Tower Combos, 1 studio reformer with Konnector straps, 4 Cadillacs, 4 LadderBarrels, 4 ExoChairs, 4 Orbits, 4 CoreAligns, 4 StepBarrels, 4 Core Fitness Rollers, 2 Ped-O-Pulls, 2 Ballet Barres, 2 Indoor Stand Up PaddleBoards, 2 Bellicon Rebounders, Countless Pilates Props,2 Licensed Massage Therapists, 1 Certified Yogi, 8 Certified Pilates Instructors, 2 certified Lymphatic Enhancement Therapists, and 1 esthetician!



Keep those tootsies mobile! Our feet have 26 bones, 33 joints, and over 100 muscles, tendons, and ligaments!  Toesox are great for: hygiene during your Pilates session, keeping toes warm to prohibit crampy feet, alignment and function during Pilates, conversation starters, and just plain cute-ness!