Pilates ~ Let’s Go

Are you thinking…..“So I know I want to do Pilates, now what?”

Here’s your map!

Still not sure?  Don’t be afraid to ask!

Other new class formats you’ll want to check out!

i ~ Skills!
Learn the fundamentals of Pilates and find your core muscles. They are in there! Here’s where you start after your initial Private sessions. After you develop i~Skills….add other class types to your schedule! (other than i~Veteran!)
Mixed Level
Come experience i~Balance! After you’ve learned i~Skills,  try putting Pilates on your feet (or knees. or hands.) Working upright on balance tools such as balls, discs, cushions, & Core Align!
Mixed Level
Dig deep and work hard in i~Barre! The Ballet Barre work focuses on very isolated movements that target the thighs and the tushie! No tutus required! For all levels of practice!
i ~ Jump!
Mixed Level
Calories disappear in this interval class with the jumpboard! After you’ve learned the basics in i~Skills, come join us!
i ~ Mix!
Mixed Level
Hmm, what toys will we use today? After you’ve established basic i~Skills, come join the i~Mix! For all level clients!
i ~ Sculpt & Stretch!
Mixed Level
After you’ve developed a great foundation through i~Skills, give this class a whirl!  We’ll use those springs to sculpt & chisel, then follow with fabulous spring-assisted stretching!For all levels!
i ~ Veteran!
For the experienced Pilates client with no restrictions. Be prepared to flip over, hang up side down, and work with intensity!!
Mixed Level
High Intensity Pilates!  You’ve gotten strong in i~Skills…..now put those skills to work! Fast-paced class for those without limitations!  We took all the challenges we could find and mashed ’em in one class! Barre, Burpees, Balance, Balls….you name it!
Just 4 Men!
Mixed Level
Pilates class geared toward men. Improve balance, flexibility, rotation, and posture. Shave some points off that golf game! For all levels!
Reformer 4 Athletes!
Mixed Level
Got Sports? Let’s make you better at ’em!