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“I have been a competitive runner for the past 13 years. Recently competing in 2012 Olympic Trials where I placed 4th in my event. Through out college I realized there were imbalances in my body that I was unsure of how to fix. After college I was in search of new ways to strengthen my body, increase flexibility, and allow me to stay healthy in my demanding sport. I stumbled upon Pilates and right away saw benefits in flexibility and strengthening of key muscle groups. In recent months I have added Egoscue Therapy to my routine and it has proven to be the missing puzzle piece to allowing me to finally get my body restored to a balanced state. In the past, I often battled chronic low back pain, stiffness in my hips and gluteus; which all lead to other issues. Now that I preform Egoscue Therapy on a daily basis my low back pain has subsided because my hips are in balance and work properly. I now have better range of motion, flexibility, strength, and fewer aches and pains. Inner Strength Pilates knowledge and guidance has allowed me to be a better athlete day after day!”
~Donnie Cowart

“Pilates is my alternative after doing decades of Nautilus and hating every minute of it. In the past year I’ve switched to Pilates, I have increased my strength, better defined my muscles, and improved my flexibility. Most importantly, I LOVE every minute of Pilates and look forward to the sessions at Inner Strength Pilates with their excellent instructors and state-of-the-art equipment. I know I will enjoy it for the rest of my life.”

“I started doing pilates in 2001 after my first child was born. My hips hurt terribly after pregnancy, and I needed to regain lost strength. I have been doing it ever since and continued practicing through half my second pregnancy. I bounced back immediately after baby #2! Since then, I have realized how pilates has kept me injury free in conjunction with running.  I try to attend classes two times per week to keep toned and strong. I feel heathy, stand taller and know it is an exercise regime I will continue for the rest of my life, even when I can no longer run! For me, pilates is just as important as taking your daily vitamin. You make time when something is important, and taking care of yourself is important! I keep coming back to ISP because of the instructors! They are highly trained, professional teachers who listen to the needs of each individual and adjust the workout accordingly. Obviously, personal result keep me doing pilates, but the instructors at ISP keep me returning to their studio.”

“I started mat Pilates exercises st Forsyth Country Club about 7 or 8 years ago, When my instructor left to get a master’s degree in dance, I found Amy’s studio. I’ve moved up from weekly classes to thrice-weekly. (They call me a Frequent Flyer. I should just endorse my Social Security check over to Inner Strength Pilates!) The results? I’ve built bone density – gone from a borderline osteoopenia to normal bone density range. Neck pain from degenerative changes in C5 and C6 – gone. Shoulder impingement syndrome pain – gone. I no longer have hip pain when sitting at the computer for extended periods of time; the hip speaks only occasionally in certain leg-lowering and -lifting exercises, and then only in a pain-free click. I’m more aware of correct alignment, and am able to self-correct. I’m the new and improved me! And I approved this message”. ; – )

“I had always been curious about Pilates, but was intimidated when I looked into it and felt it was too expensive. When a Living Social deal for Inner Strength Pilates came up I jumped at the opportunity. Little did I know how much I would love and benefit from it! I now attend 1 or 2 times a week, and miss it when I don’t. Knowing that I will only be one of 4 students at most, and will get detailed instructions while I am there has kept me going long after my Living Social deal expired. After a class I feel rejuvenated and know that I have worked out the right way, not tired and frustrated, like I have in other classes I have tried. As a result of working with the awesome instructors at Inner Strength Pilates, my posture has improved, my body shape has changed, and I have gained more flexibility. I recommend this studio for anyone looking for a workout that can be challenging and relaxing at the same time.”

“I started doing Pilates about one and a half years ago. I had been exercising all my life in gyms, doing step aerobics, spinning, and weight-lifting. However, I’d not been exercising consistently for at least one year prior to taking up Pilates. My weight had ballooned, and I felt sluggish and unhealthy. I fell in love with Pilates, mainly because of the professionalism, passion, and dedication of all the instructors at Inner Strength. The best thing about Pilates, and what keeps me coming back, is that EVERYDAY is different. The instructors always mix up the equipment, as well as their routines. By doing this, my body never gets used to a dull, boring routine, and, therefore, I experience much better results than I had with any other type of exercise I’d done in the past. I don’t ever NOT feel like going to the Pilates studio, but I often felt it was a struggle to get myself to the gym. I credit my return to a healthy diet, as well as my twice-weekly Pilates sessions, for my return to health. I’ve lost 30 pounds, and my body is more contoured and defined than it’s been in years. I actually showed my instructors the “dimples” I’ve acquired on either side of my upper abs, thanks to the great Pilates’ core-strengthening exercises at Inner Strength. Thanks to Pilates I feel so much better, both physically and mentally.”

“Knowledge is power and when Teresa Hucks gives you a massage you feel the knowledge. Teresa is trained in the Egoscue Method so that she quickly identifies the issue and can release the problem. She can give the client suggestions on how they can be empowered. Teresa also has absorbed knowledge from working in a chiropractic setting as well as a Pilates studio setting to bring knowledge to her clients. Her knowledge in the execution of each massage has been beneficial to my golf game. I am a more complete golfer with flexibility, balance, and I am pain free! I wouldn’t trade Teresa and what she brings to the massage table for the past four years for any reason!”

“Teresa has been working with me since July, 2009. Initially, her compassion and optimism helped restore my sense of hope that improvement from a chronic condition was possible. Her expertise helped transform that hope into reality. I feel the best I have felt in years! I continue to see Teresa on a regular basis for massage to address any problems due to my now active lifestyle before they can become severe and to generally maintain the wellness she helped me achieve. Teresa is one of my most important resources for well-being!”

“A little over a year ago I received some news from my doctor that left me disappointed and disgusted. I was soon going to be turning 34 years of age and was overweight, stressed out and learned that I would need to be placed on blood pressure medicine to manage some of the issues I was experiencing. I felt awful physically and mentally and realized it was time for a change. I had dieted and worked out before but never stayed committed to any one thing long enough to make a difference. This time was different.
Over the course of the first few weeks/months, I started walking and watching my diet with the help and support of friends and family. It was tough and hard to stay on track in the beginning but I slowly began to see some results. I realized with many missteps in previous ‘diets’ that this would not be enough. I really needed something more – I needed to train my mind and begin to prepare building blocks for a REAL CHANGE. That’s when myself and some ladies from my office decided to start coming to Pilates at least once a week. I learned that this would help me not only become stronger mentally and physically but could also manage some of the aches and pains I was starting to develop as I continued to challenge myself more in some of the other exercise programs I was doing.
I began to see an increase in energy and drive as I started losing some of the weight. It was wonderful. The cardio I was doing was helping me shed, while Pilates was really making me stronger. The techniques I was learning really started to stick – not only was my shape changing but how I carried myself was different too. Holding in my stomach and relaxing my shoulders have helped me become more self-aware. I also learned the benefits of the foot tower. Resting my foot in the tower for several sessions helped me align my hip, leg and foot and resolved my problems I had suffered from the running routine I had started.
As my health improved and I was better able to manage my stress with exercise and more healthy habits – the disappointed and disgusted 34 year old gradually turn into a confident, stronger and much wiser (less 60lbs) young woman who just turned 35 years old – with no medications! I realize as I get older, life is happening and we have to learn to manage many things and be flexible. However, if we don’t make time to take care of ourselves – we won’t be around to experience these things.
An hour a week with Inner Strength Pilates has helped me achieve so many things but most importantly it taught me that I matter. I’m so proud to see the improvements in how much more flexible and strong I have become over the course of this year and the abdominal strength I’ve gained in addition to being pain free and I have my wonderful Pilates instructors to thank. Their support and education of body awareness over the last several months kept me going and I have thoroughly enjoyed our time together and hope to continue this for many more years to come.”

The experience I’ve had at Inner Strength Pilates is unparalleled to any other exercise program I have ever tried, and the only one I have continued! The studio is “state of the art” with highly trained instructors who monitor your every movement for effectiveness and safety. You can feel the tranquility when you walk in the door and experience the professionalism on every visit. I just can’t say enough good things about ISP. Come join us!!

Approximately six years ago I began having lower back pain and spasms.  At that time I was going to a gym and doing repetitive exercise with machines and free weights.  I went to a local Physical Therapy group and was told to begin Pilates training in order to strengthen my core for back support.  I began Pilates and have never looked back!  I am amazed at how strong my abdominal muscles have become during these past years and how much more support my back now has.  Pilates has not only helped my back, it has improved my entire body.  I will always make time for Pilates training as I do not want to return to where I was six years ago.  I have made many good friends at Inner Strength Pilates and always feel I am in very competent hands as all of the instructors are well trained and have good knowledge of the different issues students have with their bodies!

Pain does crazy things to people. Usually a positive person, I was experiencing chronic back pain and felt like I had run out of options. Surfing the web for something, anything, I had not already tried… I found Inner Strength Pilates last summer. One call to Amy and I was hooked. She and the entire staff at ISP have been so personal and committed to my wellbeing. I am stronger physically and mentally and back to being a positive person. They are a class act!

My story might sound familiar…. I used to be in amazing shape, had a couple kids, work got busy and I found myself with a newly acquired back ache and desparate longing for my younger, fitter, pain-free self. A dear friend recommended Egoscue and Amy to me. I was hesitant because my back was really bad…. But Amy was so knowledgeable and even with my very complicated back situation (did I mention I had to have surgery on it 6 months before…ouch!) I am getting stronger (and happier) every day. I highly recommend Egoscue for those battling any sort of pain. Pilates with Amy is honestly the best part of my day. Being on the “other side” of back pain I make Pilates my priority. I will never ever begrudge heading in for a workout. I feel so much better… it’s now simply part of my lifestyle. And it’s fun. Pretty cool.