Egoscue Network Profile

Amy Dixon first found the Egoscue Method in 2003 at a Personal Training Convention. After incorporating bits and pieces of the Method into her work with clients, she saw amazing results! She went on to become a Level 2 Certified Postural Alignment Therapist through Egoscue University, and now uses the Egoscue Method daily as she works with clients in her Pilates and Yoga studio, Inner Strength Pilates.
“The Egoscue Method has been a crucial tool in my toolbox, I still can’t believe how well clients respond! A few well-placed e-cises can take care of something I used to spend months trying to help clients achieve in the gym! I love seeing the suprised look on a clients face when the realization hits them the first time; they don’t have to live in pain! We have a great range of clients that visit from all over the state and beyond. We have young dancers with knee pain from the North Carolina School of the Arts, a Professional Basketball player dealing with hip pain, an Olympian Swimming hopeful with shoulder pain, and folks in their 70’s and 80’s that are just dealing with what they thought was ‘wear and tear’. As the Egoscue Method grows and gains notoriety, clients really seek us out, as they take control of their well-being!”